[OTHER BRAND] Sandwich Cutter / PANDA Bread Cutter

Sandwich Cutter / PANDA Bread Cutter[OTHER BRAND]

Let’s make cute panda shaped sandwiches today, it’s child's play!

Size: 14 x 13.5cm


. Perfectly sized to match a slice of bread.

. It cuts a panda face shape.

. It is also useful to make party food and cookies.

. As the cutter features no sharp edges, it is safe for use by children.

ColourfulBento Large Square 620ml x4 +FREE Panda Cutter


The Panda Sandwich Cutter is a must-have kawaii accessory if you love to make sandwiches.

Kawaii!! The Panda Sandwich Cutter is the perfect kitchen tool to easily make sandwiches without crust in the shape of a panda. Ideal for sandwiches without crust that are sealed on the four sides.

How does it work?

1-   Punch a slice of bread with the black stamp to create the eyes, the nose and the mouth of the panda.

2-   Place another slice of bread in the black compartment. Spread the filling on it: Cheese, eggs, ham for savoury sandwiches or jam, Nutella, honey for sweet sandwiches.

3-   Place the first slice of bread stamped with the panda on the second piece with the filling and close the box with the white compartment. The point is to use this sandwich cutterlike a large-size cutter: gently press on the two slices to seal and your panda sandwich is ready!

Our tip: you can use the bread offcuts as for your boiled-eggs, breadcrumbs (like panko) or as a side dish for your chawanmushi, the famous Japanese egg custard tart.

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